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Cafitesse Excellence Compact Black

Cleaning cooling filter (monthly)

Cleaning the cooling filter.
To keep your Cafitesse Excellence Compact Black in optimal condition, it is best to clean the cooling filter every month. This is very easy.
You're all set in 5 simple steps.

Step 1

Turn your coffee machine off

As you have to open the vent, it is a good idea to turn the coffee machine off. This is to avoid accidents. Make sure to unplug it.
  • Clean, dry cloth

Step 2

Remove the ventilation grate and filter

There is a grate containing a filter on the back of your Cafitesse Excellence Compact Black. Remove these from your coffee machine. You do this by pushing down on the tab and pulling it toward you.

Step 3

Clean the filter

Rinse the filter under the tap and dry it well. Dry the filter with a clean, dry cloth. A paper towel can leave paper residue that is hard to remove. If there is dust on the grid too, you can do the same with the grid.

Step 4

Replace the grid

Place the grid including the filter back into the coffee machine. Place the grid at the bottom first, then push the tab up to fully secure the grid. You will hear a click when the grid has been inserted properly.

Step 5

Restart your coffee machine

Plug in the power cord. The Cafitesse Excellence Compact Black will now restart.