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Cafitesse Excellence Compact Black

Error 244 (Water tank is empty)

The water tank is empty
Your Cafitesse Excellence Compact Black indicates that the water tank needs to be refilled because the water tank is empty or has been inserted incorrectly which blocks the delivery of the beverage.
You can solve this in 4 steps with the online troubleshooting help.

Step 1

Remove the water tank

Grab the water tank by the front handle and pull it towards you. If there is still enough water in the water tank, you can proceed to step 4. That means that the water tank has not been inserted properly.


Step 2

Remove the lid

Remove the lid from the water tank. That way, it is easier to fill in the next step.

Step 3

Fill the water tank

Fill the water tank under the tap to the "MAX" mark (3 litres) with cold water. Replace the lid.

Step 4

Replace the water tank

Now place the water tank back in your coffee machine and press firmly. Then check that the display icon has disappeared. Just a little more patience as the heating element heats up. Once this icon disappears from the display too, you can enjoy a cup of coffee again.