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Cafitesse Excellence Compact Black

Weekly cleaning

Weekly cleaning of your coffee machine
To keep your coffee machine in optimal condition, it is important to clean the Cafitesse Excellence Compact Black regularly. Apply this cleaning instruction at least once a week. When it is time to clean the machine, a message automatically appears on the display.
Clean your coffee machine in 22 simple steps.

Step 1

Activate cleaning mode

Hold down the red stop button and then press the lower right (enter) button. After about 2 to 3 seconds, the machine enters cleaning mode. Make sure you press the red stop button before you press the bottom right button, otherwise the machine will produce a drink.

  • Clean damp microfibre cloth
  • Clean dry cloth
  • Clean paper towel (e.g. kitchen roll)
  • Included rag
  • Suma Cafe Tabs
  • Collection tray provided
  • Optional: exchange set

Step 2

Select the cleaning program

You will see "Rinse" in the display. Using the second button from the bottom right, continue until the display shows "Clean". Then press the bottom button on the right (Enter). 'Remove prod. pack" in the display.

Step 3

Open the refrigerator door

Open the refrigerator door by grabbing it on both sides by the handle and pulling it upward.

Step 4

Remove the ingredient pack

Remove the ingredient pack from the coffee machine by lifting it slightly.

Step 5

Clean the cooling compartment

You can use the included rag to clean the inside of the dispensing opening. Then clean the inside of the cooling compartment with a damp microfibre cloth. Finally dry the cooling compartment with a paper towel. Now press "Enter" on the refrigerator door (bottom button on the right).

Stap 6

Remove the mixer console

The display says "Remove and clean mixer tray. Start by removing the mixer console. That's the grey area directly below the refrigerator compartment. Grab this and move it down toward you. You will hear a beep.

Step 7

Remove the mixer tray

Carefully pull the mixer tray out of the coffee machine. You will hear another beep.

Step 8

Clean the mixer tray

Place the entire mixer tray in the receptacle with hot water and Suma Café Tabs (also read the instructions on the package). Soak the mixer tray for about 15 minutes. Then rinse the mixer tray thoroughly and dry it

Step 9

Clean the mixer console

You can wipe the mixer console with a damp microfibre cloth.

Step 10

Replace the mixer tray

Slide the mixer tray back into the coffee machine. When it is placed correctly, you will hear a click and a double beep.

Step 11

Replace the mixer console

Insert the mixer console. Make sure the two black brackets fall into the metal guides. When you push the mixer console, you hear a click followed by a double beep.

Step 12

Place the ingredient pack

When placing the pack in the coffee machine, make sure that the dispensing spout is placed straight under the pack (a 90° angle). The pack will then easily sink into the holder. If you place the front of the pack facing you, you can easily see how much is left in the ingredient pack. Then close the refrigerator door.

Step 13

Start rinsing

The display now reads "Place collection container". If you have the water tank version, make sure there is enough water in the water tank. You need to place the provided collection tray under the spout. Should you not have one on hand, you can use a container of at least 1 litre. Once you have put in in place, you can press "Enter''. The machine will start rinsing.

Note! The liquids are hot. So don't touch them.

Step 14

Remove the drip tray

Pull the drip tray towards you. Take care to make sure that the water doesn't spill.

Step 15

Remove the water tank

If your Cafitesse Excellence Compact Black has a water tank, you can remove this too. Grab the bottom of the water by using the handle and lift it up slightly and then move it towards you.

Step 16

Empty and clean the drip tray

Remove the grid from the drip tray and empty the drip tray into the sink. Clean the drip tray and grid under running water with a washing up brush and then dry them with a clean cloth.

Step 17

Clean the water tank

f you have a water tank, you can now clean it. Do this under the tap and with a washing up brush.

Step 18

Insert the drip tray

Slide the drip tray back into your coffee machine. Make sure you push it down properly.

Step 19

Replace the grid

Slide the grid back onto the drip tray.

Step 20

Replace the water tank

If you have a water tank, you can fill it and put it back in the coffee machine.

Step 21

Activate the standby mode

After rinsing, you can clean the outside. When you do this, you might accidentally press the selection buttons. To prevent your Cafitesse Excellence Compact Black from inadvertently brewing coffee, you can activate standby mode. Open the refrigerator door and press the "standby" button on the left side.

Step 22

Clean the outside

Using a clean damp cloth, wipe the outside of your coffee machine. Once you are done you can press the "standby" button again.