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Barista One

Hot water boiler high temperature

Step 1


Press and hold the multi-function button on the right side of the service door 6 seconds to unlock.

Step 2


Switch off the mains on the back of the machine.

Step 3


Remove the drip tray and clean it under running water.

Step 4


Remove the coffee grounds container and clean it with detergent.

Step 5


Pull the brewer handle completely out to unlock the brewer

Step 6


Pull brewer unit downwards, then tilt it towards you, and pull it out of the machine.

Step 7


Use the multi-tool to turn the spindle of the brewing unit counterclockwise all the way.

Step 8


Clean the brewer unit under lukewarm running water, use a brush. Slightly lift the drop-in slide away to reach the sieve.

Step 9


Use the multi-tool to turn the spindle clockwise to the stop, then turn it ¼ tun back / counterclockwise from the stop.

Step 10


Shake off access water and let it dry completely.

Step 11


Clean the brewer compartment with a bended brush.

Place the brewer back into the machine:

- insert horizontally

- tilt vertical in the brewer compartment

- place the handle and slide it in until it locks the brewer

Step 12


Clean the exterior of the machine.

Reassemble and place the drip tray back.

Step 13


Switch the mains on.

Prepare a test drink and taste it.