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Cafitesse Excellence Compact Black

Daily cleaning

Daily cleaning of your coffee machine.
We recommend that you clean your Cafitesse Excellence Compact Black daily in addition to the weekly cleaning. This consists of cleaning the exterior and cleaning the drip tray.
You perform the daily cleaning in 8 steps.

Step 1

Remove the drip tray

Pull the drip tray towards you. Take care to make sure that the water doesn't spill.

  • Washing up brush
  • Clean dry cloth
  • Clean damp microfibre cloth

Step 2

Empty and clean the drip tray

Remove the grid from the drip tray and empty the drip tray into the sink. Clean the drip tray and grid under running water with a washing up brush and then dry them with a clean cloth.

Step 3

Insert the drip tray

Slide the drip tray back into your coffee machine. Make sure you push it down properly.

Step 4

Replace the grid

Slide the grid back onto the drip tray. The message will now have disappeared from the display.

Step 5

Activate the standby mode

While cleaning the outside, you might press the selection buttons by accident. To prevent your Cafitesse Excellence Compact Black from inadvertently brewing coffee, you can activate standby mode. Open the refrigerator door and press the "standby" button on the left side.

Step 6

Clean the outside

Using a clean damp cloth, wipe the outside of your coffee machine. Once you are done you can press the "standby" button again.